CUBA - A Documentary Film

General Info

Genre: Documentary feature
Theme: Contemporary Cuban Art
Production Companies: DKR Films, Lost Boy Productions, Adorni Films
Director: Bruce Donnelly
Locations: Havana, Cuba and Boston, USA.
Running Time: 75 minutes & 60 minutes
Language: Spanish (with English/French subtitles)

Distribution: Candy Factory Productions (U.S. & Canada) and Cargo Releasing (International)


Alumbrones – "Unexpected, Short-Lived Bursts of Light."

This documentary feature film looks at the work and lives of twelve contemporary Cuban artists, living in Havana today.
Visiting each person in their home and studio, the film explores the varying styles and techniques used, the themes, philosophies and ideas present in their work, as well as the many obstacles and difficulties they face on a daily basis and the feelings each person has towards the place they call home. Through in-depth interviews, the film covers a diverse range of subjects and issues, from supply shortages and constant blackouts (“apagones”) to family life, love, sex and music.



Directed by Bruce Donnelly
Produced by Bruce Donnelly & Paulo Adorni
Produced by Fermin Rojas and James Kubesch
Cinematography by Esteban Malpica
Associate Producers Bruno Augusto & Rafaela Jala
Edited by Aron Matschulat Aguiar & Lucas Lespier
Additional Photography by Victor Bordón & Albert Oh
Sound Recording by Boris Ivan Crespo
Music, Sound Design, Foley & Final Mixing by Adam Matschulat Aguiar
All Songs Composed and Arranged by Rey Escobar & Rodolfo Argudin Justiz
Color Correction by André Riolo
Poster Design by Luis Rodriguez NoA
Production Assistance by Boris Ivan Crespo & Michael Pacino
Post-Production Assistance by Aron Matschulat Aguiar




Soundtrack Producers Bruce Donnelly, Rey Escobar, Rodolfo Argudin Justiz “Peruchin,”
Fermin Rojas & James Kubesch.
Composers & Musical Directors Rey Escobar & Rodolfo Argudin Justiz “Peruchin”
Production Director Daviana Basilio
Sound Engineer Alejandro Pulido
Assistant Sound Engineer Roberto Hernandez
Sound Mixing and Matrix Rey Escobar, Rodolfo Argudin Justiz “Peruchin” & Alejandro


Guitar and Percussion Rey Escobar
Piano and Keyboard Rodolfo Argudín Jústiz “Peruchin”
Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals Mayito Rivera, Osanai Martinez, Glauber García, Saily
Torres & Libán K ẃ eyro.
Drums & Conga Reynier Mendoza
Bass Annaeli Martinez.
Percussion Aniel Tamayo
Tenor, Alto, and Soprano Sax Reynier de la Peña.
Trumpet Robertico Garcia
Flute Lena Ross
Trombone Heikel Fabian
Tres Rafael Gonzalez
Maracas Saily Torres


Very Special Thanks

John and Mel Donnelly
Michelle Wojcik

Center for Cuban Studies (NY)
Cuban Art Space
Galeria Cubana

Thank You

Sandra Levinson
Carlos Escobar
Tanya Cox
Lauren Turner
Dario Vukelic
Ivette Gamez Fernández
Elaine de la Torre Suárez
Silvia Elena Oliva Sainz
David Horta
Sueli Adorni
Oscar Ollanes
Cesar Baez
Francisco “Berto” Perez
Lulu Bordón